Welcome to a world where Greek Mythology is recreated through Coffee! Amazing blends, different characters and a beautiful experience.

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About Us

Our Story

I’m Arthur Sarlas, owner and founder of Olympus Coffee. My story is simple. I love coffee and I love Greek mythology.
So I thought what better way to combine my heritage and caffeine passion than to create
Greek God inspired blends and bring them into your home.
We create blends with love, with special attention to flavour and match them with different caffeine
beverages that will take you to another place. Which God are you in the coffee world?

Mt Olympus

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. It is located on the Olympus Range on the border of Thessaly and Macedonia, in central Greece.
In Greek mythology it is the home of the 12 Olympian Gods, who resided on the highest peak (symbolising them being of the highest and most important order), each having individual roles, personalities and powers.
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